Today, the competitive level of the enterprises depends on the change and the ability to respond
quickly to the needs and demands of the market. At this point, it is vital that production and
service systems make the concept of innovation management a part of their field of study. The
task of the program is to transfer the scientific and applied knowledge in the academic life to
entrepreneurs and company owners/managers of the future regarding entrepreneurship and
innovation management.


Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Master’s Program is interdisciplinary. Therefore,
graduates of various fields such as Industrial and Management Engineering graduates,
Electronics, Computer and related engineering department graduates and Economics and
Business Administration graduates are all welcome.


Graduates who complete the program can work in their own fields, public institutions and organizations, universities or private sector offices and firms.


  • The ability to use the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation management area, developing and intensifying those knowledge, based upon the competency gained in the undergraduate level, Interpreting and forming new types of knowledge by combining the knowledge from the PCM area and knowledge from various other disciplines
  • Using the knowledge and the skills for problem solving and/or application (which are processed within the Entrepreneurship and Innovation management area) in inter-disciplinary, grasping the inter-disciplinary interaction related to the Entrepreneurship and Innovation management area
  • Solving the problems faced in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation management area by making use of the research methods, developing new strategic approaches to solve the unforeseen and complex problems arising in the practical processes of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation management area and coming up with solutions while taking responsibility, assessing the specialistic knowledge and skill gained through the study with a critical view and directing one’s own learning process, the ability to carry out a specialistic study related to the Entrepreneurship and Innovation management area independently
  • Fulfilling the leader role in the environments where solutions are sought for the problems related to the Entrepreneurship and Innovation management area, ability to see and develop social relationships and the norms directing these relationships with a critical look and the ability to take action to change these when necessary
  • Paying regard to social, scientific, cultural and ethical values during the collecting, interpreting, practicing and announcing processes of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation management area related data and the ability to teach these values to others, developing strategy, policy and application plans concerning the subjects related to the PCM area and the ability to evaluate the end results of these plans within the frame of quality processes
  • Using the computer software together with the information and communication technologies efficiently and according to the needs of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation management area, proficiency in a foreign language and establishing written and oral communication with that language, the ability to present one’s own work within the international environments orally, visually and in written forms, systematically transferring the current developments in the Entrepreneurship and Innovation management area and one’s own work to other groups in and out the Entrepreneurship and Innovation management area; in written, oral and visual forms


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Semester I
Yenilikçilik Süreçleri ve Yönetimi
Stratejik Yönetim
Proje Yönetimi
İşletme Hukuku
Semester II
Pazarlama Yönetimi
Yeni Ürün Geliştirme
Hizmet Yönetimi ve Yenilikçilik
Semester III
Yeni Girişim İş Planı
Değer Zinciri Stratejisi ve Yönetimi
Dönem Projesi (Kredisiz)
Electives (One courses is to be selected for each semester)
Semester II
Yöneticiler için Finans
Liderlik Becerileri ve Geliştirilmesi
Başarı için Kurumsal Zeka Yönetimi
Semester III
İşletme Ekonomisi
Fikri Mülkiyet ve Rekabet Hukuku
Girişim Sermayesi ve Büyüme Finansı
Uluslararası Ticaret
E-İş – Dijital Çağda Yeni İş Modelleri

Academic Executive Committee

Asst. Prof.Çiçek ERSOY KEKEVİ (Program Coordinator)
Assoc. Prof.Deniz TUNÇALP
Assoc. Prof. Sezi ÇEVİK ONAR
Asst. Prof. Ömer Faruk BEYCA


Erasmus Coordinator

Asst. Prof. Çiçek ERSOY KEKEVİ

Academic Staff

Name Surname Research Fields
Prof. Dr. Fethi ÇALIŞIR Engineering and Technology Management / Human-Computer Interaction / Total Quality Management
Prof. Dr. Oktay TAŞ Corporate Finance / Financial Markets / Asset Pricing / Financial Engineering / Behavioral Finance
Prof. Dr. Ayşe Banu ELMADAĞ BAŞ Services Marketing / Consumer Behavior / Brand Management / Experimental Design
Prof. Dr. Alp ÜSTÜNDAĞ Decision Making / Decision Support Systems / Engineering Economics
Prof. Dr. Sencer ECER Industrial Economics / Health Economics /Game Theory /Energy Economics
Assoc. Prof.Gülgün KAYAKUTLU Decision Support Systems /Artificial Intelligence / Optimization / Energy Optimization
Assoc. Prof. Mehmet ERÇEK Management Sociology / Organizational Theory / Business and Organizational Sociology
Assoc. Prof. Murat BASKAK Production Planning and Control / Warehouse and Distribution Center Management / Stock and Inventory Management / Purchasing Management / Plant Layout / Maintenance Management
Assoc. Prof.Deniz TUNÇALP Technology Adaptation and Innovation Management in Organizations / Organization Theory / Institutionalization
Assoc. Prof.Emre ÇEVİKCAN Production and Service Systems / Decision Support Systems / Manufacturing Systems Management
Assoc. Prof. Başar ÖZTAYŞİ Fuzzy Logic / Multi-Criteria Decision Making / Decision Support Systems
Asst. Prof. Çiçek ERSOY KEKEVİ E-Commerce/ Data Protection Law /Information Technology Law
Asst. Prof. Ömer Faruk BEYCA Artificial Intelligence / Artificial Learning
Assoc. Prof. Sezi Çevik ONAR Intelligent and fuzzy techniques in engineering management / Strategic options / Innovation management / Decision making methods


E-mail: cevikcan@itu.edu.tr
Phone.: 0-212-293 13 00 / 2664 214
Phone.: 0-532-214 49 80
Office: D624 (İ.T.Ü. Management Faculty/ Maçka)