History of Science and Technology Graduate Programme


The aim of “History of Science and Technology Graduate Programme” is to give advanced level education students in history of science and technology and develop their independent scientific research skills.

In History of Science and Technology Graduate Programme, besides the topics about history of science and technology in different civilizations, it is also planned to carry out studies about written and visual sources of Turkish science history. In this context, graduate students could reach the opportunity to learn technical content of basic and formal sciences. Furthermore, the students will be able to learn the classical languages in which written texts related to the history of science and technology are written. This programme has an approach to work on history of science and technology through not only history of basic and formal sciences, but also scientific institutions and technological revolution with regarding contributions different civilizations.

In lectures, the formation of modern science in Europe, besides industrial revolution, history of Turkish science and technology, the development of science and technology in the Islamic world, the evolution of engineering and technology. Within the framework of 19th-20th century modernization studies, the institutionalization of science and issues such as the importance of periodicals in the dissemination of science will be addressed and discussed.


Students who have completed the master's programme with thesis can apply to the programme.

Graduates’ Working Areas 

Those who successfully complete the programme will be able to continue their careers in universities and research and development institutions as well as in museums, science centers and archives.

Programme Outcomes

  • The ability to develop and increase the knowledge acquired in Science, need to know and scientific methods.
  • The ability to use the necessary methods and means to know the methods of History, Science and Technology at a level of academic research.
  • To analyze the knowledge related to History of Science and Technology, problem solving and applying it with respect to the research methods specific to the History of Science and Technology.
  • To solve the complex problems that necessitates mastery in the History of Science and Technology, create new approaches with an independent attitude and reach authentic conclusions.
  • To use the knowledge that guided the formation of disciplines in the History of Science and Technology and reach authentic conclusions.
  • To analyze and interpret the stages of Science and Technology’s development from ancient cultures and in various civilizations.
  • To collect, interpret and present the solution proposals regarding History of Science and Technology by considering the societal, scientific, cultural and ethical values.
  • To communicate the current developments in the history of science and technology and one’s own work orally, visually and in written forms, by supporting them with quantitative and qualitative data and to present them to other groups in and out of the field in international arenas with competence, at least, in one foreign language and required computer program.
  • Including the most advanced specialized skills and techniques in practice, having the ability to identify problem and to create solution mechanisms for important problems in the field of history of science and technology in order and to expand and redefine existing knowledge or professional practice required for the synthesis and evaluation.
  • During a research in field of history of science and technology; competence for evaluation and synthesis while corresponding to the most advanced level of critical and dialectical approach to resolve new and complex ideas.
  • Based on original research in the field of history of science and technology, competence for contribution to knowledge when improving the quality work and competence for a part of these works to be published in national and international refereed journals.

Admission Requirements

For additional information please visit the Admission Requirements website.

BVT 601E Latin
BVT 602E Antic Greek I
BVT 603E Antic Greek II
BVT 604E Arabic
BVT 605E Archaeology of Technological Evolution
BVT 606 Bilim Tarihi Metinleri
BVT 607E Automata Wonder and Technology in the Ancient and Medieval Works
BVT 608 Bilim ve Teknoloji Tarihinde Metodoloji
BVT 609 Elektrik Tarihi
BVT 611 Genetik Bilimi Tarihi
BVT 612E History of the Balkan Cities
BVT 613E History of Medicine
BVT 614E History of Nuclear Energy
BVT 615E History of Optic Sciences
BVT 616E History of Physics
BVT 617E History of Textile Art
BVT 618E History of Philosophy of Science
BVT 619 Kartografya Tarihi
BVT 620 Kimya Tarihi
BVT 621 Müzik Tarihi
BVT 622 Makinaların Tarihi
BVT 623 Matematik Tarihi I
BVT 624 Matematik Tarihi II
BVT 625 Osmanlı Türkçesi I
BVT 626 Osmanlı Türkçesi II
BVT 627 Meteoroloji Tarihi
BVT 628 Ölçümün Tarihi

Academic Executive Committee

Prof. Dr. Aytekin ÇÖKELEZ (Programme Coordinator)
Prof. Dr. Tuncay ZORLU
Asst. Prof. Burak BARUTÇU

Academic Members

Name Research Fields
Prof. Dr. A.M. Celal Şengör Tectonics of Turkey / History and Philosophy of Science / Tectonics of Mars and Mercury
Prof. Dr. Aytekin Çökelez History of Science and Technology / Engineering Education / Science Education
Prof. Dr. Cafer Özkul
Prof. Dr. Cengizhan İpbüker
Prof. Dr. Eda Tahir Turanlı
Prof. Dr. Gülname Turan Product Design, History of Design, History of Crafts
Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Toros Atmospheric Sciences / Meteorology / Numerical Modeling/ Air Quality
Prof. Dr. Kazım Yavuz Ekşi Astronomy / Astrophysics and Space Sciences
Prof. Dr. Neşe Özdemir Mathematical Physics, Theories of Gravitation, Cosmology
Prof. Dr. Nilgün Doğrusöz Dişiaçık Historical Musicology , Music Paleography , Music History , Music Sociology
Prof. Dr. Tuncay Zorlu
The history of Ottoman Thought / History of Science and Technology in Ottoman
Prof. Dr. Turan Öztürk Organic Material Chemistry
Doç. Dr. Atabey Kaygun Algebra / Topology / Statistical Data Analysis
Doç. Dr. A.Savaş Arapoğlu Gravitation and Cosmology , String Theory
Doç. Dr. Bülent Arıkan Early Bronze Age , Settlement Archeology , Landscape Archeology
Doç. Dr. Ebubekir Ceylan Middle Eastern Studies / Late Ottoman History / History of Iraq
Doç.Dr. Geoff Bove
Doç. Dr. Hasan Karataş Ottoman Socio-Economic History / History of Early Modern Knowledge
Doç.Dr. Mehmet Kerim Ramazanoğlu Condensed-Matter Physics , Superconductors and Magnetic Materials , Neutron Physics
Dr.Öğr.Üyesi Fatma Turhan Sel Balkan History , Ottoman History , History of Bosnia
Dr.Öğr.Üyesi Giovanni Mion Philosophy of Science/ Epistemology/ Analytic Philosophy/Logic
Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Burak Barutçu
Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Mehmet Ali Doğan
Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Murat Çakan Renewable Energy systems, Fluid Mechanics, Energy, Turbomachinery, Building Physics, Science Communication
Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Mustafa İnce
Öğr. Gör. Dr. Aslıhan Erkmen Birkandan
Öğr. Gör. Dr. Özge Atalay Urban Sociology / Social Policy / Gender
Dr. Ali Demirci Applied Mathematics / Dispersive Shock Waves / Nonlinear Opinion Dynamics / Mathematical Epidemiology / History of Mathematics
Dr. Çiğdem Özkan Aygün Urban Archaeology , Settlement Archaeology , Medieval Archaeology , History of Science and Technology , Cultural Heritage Management , History of Trade