The program is the first Music program in Turkey that provides education in English. The program aims to train researchers, performers, sound designers, and creative professionals that have the skills of leadership, musicianship, and research, and that will lead the course of music research and new music in this information age by taking part in international forums and academic circles.

Teaching all its courses in English, this program is unique with an international teaching staff and students from all over the world. Being open to students with various educational backgrounds, the program provides an interdisciplinary environment. The program brings several music-related disciplines together such as Performance, Composition, Music Theory, Sound Engineering and Design, Sonic Arts, Ethnomusicology, Historical Musicology, and Music Business and Administration. Additionally, the Department of Music conducts seminars, workshops, concerts, and conferences, and takes part in community outreach projects.

Programme Aims

* To educate scholarly creative professionals with leadership capabilities in music fields.

*To contribute to the art of music with information exchange through research that will illuminate next generations.

* To publish new research material for further academic research.

*To encourage new theories based on previous research.

* To allow the education of new scholars, who embrace our culture and who are creative in developing new methods and systems.

* To provide participating students with national and international opportunities for their continued education.

* To ensure an environment for artists and scholars for them to be able use their education, research and consulting potentails.

* To connect with other national and international institutes in order to ensure the continued growth of education.

* To collaborate with foreign universities to devise joint programmes and exchange programmes.

Programme Structure

* This program is a doctoral programme with a dissertation, that consists of 36-credit courses and a written dissertation. Every term comprises of 14 weeks and 1 week of examination, totaling to 15 weeks. Programme length is the same as other ITU Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences programmes.

* Applicants, after they fulfill the requirements of Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences, are then examined for the entry to the programme. Concentration areas include: Performance, Composition, Music Theory, Sound Engineering and Design, Sonic Arts, Ethnomusicology, and Musicology,. Students may take either only from their own concentration or they can take courses from other concentrations. Students who successfully finish the Music doctoral programme are awarded with a PhD diploma in Music.

* Music doctoral programme consists of 36-credit courses.

* The language of education is English.

* After taking 36-credit courses, students are examined to test their qualification before starting their dissertations. Students who pass these exams may then take the course MYL 699E to start their dissertations. Dissertation is credit-free, and it is evaluated as pass/fail.

* ITU Undergraduate Grading System is used for end of term grading.

* The programme is carried out in accordance with ITU Graduate Education Legislations.

Application Requirements

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Course List

MDP 601E Advanced Trends in Music Theory
MDP 603E Composition Project 1
MDP 604E Composition Project 2
MDP 605E Composition Project 3
MDP 606E Composition Project 4
MDP 607E Advanced Chamber Music 1
MDP 609E Recital 1
MDP 610E Recital 2
MDP 611E Recital 3
MDP 612E Recital 4
MDP 614E Individual Research Topics in Music 2
MDP 616E İleri Şeflik Teknikleri 1
MDP 618E Recent Trends in Music Theory
MDP 619E Current Debates in Ethnomusicology
MDP 621E Critical Perspectives in Ethnomusicology
MDP 622E Topics in Ethnomusicology-Theory and Praxis
MDP 623E Eğitici Dinl. Avrupa ve Kuzey Amerika
MDP 624E Eğitici Dinleme Güney Yküre
MDP 625E Individual Research Topics in Music 1
MDP 626E Advanced Chamber Music 2
MDP 627E İleri Prodüksiyon
MDP 629E İleri Elektronik Müzik Besteciliği
MDP 631E Keyboard Musicianship
MDP 632E Schenkerian Analysis
MDP 633E Advanced Chamber Music 3
MDP 634E Recent Trends in Musicology
MDP 636E Advanced Mixing
MDP 638E Advanced Mastering
MDP 639E Müzikte Eleştirel Biyografi Yazımı
MDP 641E Müzik ve Biliş
MDP 642E Müzikte Doğaçlama Çalışmaları 2
MDP 643E Müzikte Doğaçlama Çalışmaları 1
MDP 644E Müzikte Kişisel Araştırma Konuları 4
MDP 645E Dünya M. Avrupa Etk. Bestecilik
MDP 646E Kürt Müzikleri
MDP 648E Müzik ve Estetik Kültürlerarası Bir Yaklaşım
MDP 649E İleri Şeflik Teknikleri 2
MDP 652E Eğitici Dinleme Asya
MDP 653E Etnomüzikolojide Tını ve Kompozisyon
MDP 655E Müzikte Kişisel Araştırma Konuları 3
MDP 657E Türkiye Müzikleri
MDP 659E Ses İçin İleri Programlama
MDP 661E Çoklu Ortam İçin İleri Tasarım
MDP 663E Elekt.Müzik Tarihinde Eleş. Araş
MDP 671E Contemporary Practices in Sonic Arts
MDP 672E Advanced Mixed Composition
MDP 673E Special Topics in Sound Studies

Executive Board

Assoc. Prof. Yelda ÖZGEN ÖZTÜRK (Programme Coordinator)
Assoc. Prof. Emine Şirin ÖZGÜN TANIR
Asst. Prof. Eray ALTINBÜKEN

Academic Members 

 Name Surname  Research Fields
Prof. Dr. Cihat AŞKIN
 Assoc. Prof. Jerfi AJİ  Piano / Music Theory
Prof. Dr. Tolgahan ÇOĞULU  Guitar / Classical Guitar / Microtonal Guitar
Doç. Dr. Taylan ÖZDEMİR  Sound Engineering and Design
Asst. Prof. Gökhan DENEÇ  Sound Engineering and Design
Assoc. Prof. Jülide GÜNDÜZ  Flute
Prof. Dr. Can KARADOĞAN  Sound Engineering and Design
Assoc. Prof. Yelda ÖZGEN ÖZTÜRK  Violoncello
Assoc. Prof. Emine Şirin ÖZGÜN TANIR  Ethnomusicology
Asst. Prof. Eray ALTINBÜKEN  Composition / Music Theory
Dr. Paul Alister WHITEHEAD  Historical Musicology
 Dr. Robert Oliver BEAHRS  Ethnomusicology
 Dr. Konstantinos VASILAKOS  Sonic Arts
 Dr. Jeremy WOODRUFF  Music Theory / Composition
 Dr. Jane Ellen HARRISON  Historical Musicology
 Dr. William SUMITS  Ethnomusicology
Assoc. Prof.Mehmet Cevdet EREK  Sonic Arts
Asst. Prof. Emmanouil EKMEKTSOGLOU  Sonic Arts / Composition
Assoc. Prof. Sıtkı Kandemir BASMACIOĞLU  Piano


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