Musicology & Music Theory


Musicology and Music Theory Departments of Turkish Music State Conservatory established Musicology and Music Theory PhD Programme under the roof of Istanbul Technical University Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences in 2002-2003. Department aims to provide high quality graduate education of academic and scientific music research.

 To raise musicologists and music theorists, transmission of the knowledge through light of the research and contribution to science of music are among aims of the programme.

Vision of the Programme

The program was constituted under a contemporary education system, which employs scientific studies in areas of musicology and music theory in an interdisciplinary perspective. It is aimed to open associate programmes and provide environment for international exchange programmes in collaboration with other universities abroad.

 Significance of the Programme

 Musicology is systematization of music through research on music. Musicology is not only musical experience and values, but also explanation of everything we know and think relying on research and scientific methods. Educated musicians possess knowledge of music, but we cannot acknowledge them as musicologists or music theorists unless they equipped the knowledge with scientific methods of research. Musicology depends on research, data collection, and evaluation of the data with scientific methods. It is scientific field of the music. Composition and performance, known as artistic fields, are also related to the scientific field. Because science also teaches us how art is made. Science completes art and it is important to understand importance of this relationship.

 Mission of the program

  • To raise creative musicologists and music theorists, who are eligible to be leaders, researchers, and scientists in the field of musicology.
  • To provide a platform for data exchange in the field of musicology.
  • To publish new research in the field of musicology.
  • To provide service of gathered data for researchers to initiate new theories in the field of musicology.
  • To provide scholarship for students.
  • To keep the program update with other institutions.
  • To collaborate with abroad universities and open joint programmes.

Structure of the Program

  • The programme is executed towards Istanbul Technical University graduate regulations and principals. Students, who fulfill application requirements, are accepted to the entrance exam.
  • The programme consists of 14 weeks of education and one week of exams. Total graduation credits are 24. Official language of the programme is Turkish. Students must take %30 of classes in English.
  • Students might register for courses from İstanbul Technical University or other universities in accordance with Istanbul Technical University graduate regulations and principals. Seminars are mandatory but non-credit courses.
  • ITU Grading system is used for evaluation of the semester.

Expected Qualifications of Graduates

  • To constitute an academy in the field of musicology by transmission of the knowledge.
  • To collaborate with state and private institutions to disseminate knowledge to society.
  • To represent Turkey well in national in international platforms.
  • To contribute to musicology as an academic, who unites national and international values.
  • To uncover cultural richness of Turkey by new scientific projects.
  • To follow innovations and recent publications in the field.
  • To reveal new outcomes in the filed of musicology by scientific methods and research.
  • To translate musicology literature to Turkish.
  • To do fieldwork to uncover local heritage.

Job Opportunities

Graduates of Musicology and Music Theory PhD program, as musicologists, music theorists, can be employed as researchers, academics, educators, music writers, music critics, producers, consultant, etc.

Primary Study Areas

Graduates of Musicology and Music Theory PhD programme, as musicologists, music theorists, can be employed as researchers, academics, educators, music writers, music critics, producers, consultant, etc.

Programme Outcomes

As music scientists and music theorists, graduates of the doctoral programme can perform as researcher, academician, educator, music writer, music critic, programme producer, consultant, etc.

Application Requirements

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MJT 601-601E Systematic Musicology Studies
MJT 602-602E 18.yy. da Türk Müziği 
MJT 603-603E İleri Müzik Paleografyasi
MJT 604-604E 19-20.yy. da Türk Müzik
MJT 605-605E Safiyuddin Ürmevi 
MJT 606-606E Türk Muziğinde Batılılaşma ve Modernizm 
MJT 607-607E 16.17. yy. Türk Müziği Çalısmaları
MJT 608-608E Modern Müzik Çalışmaları
MJT 609-609E Türk Dünyasında Aşık Sanatı
MJT 610E-610 Comparative Studies on Turkic Musical Instruments
MJT 611-611E Communication and Mass Media
MJT 612-612E- Psychology of Music
MJT 613-613E Muziğin Toplumbilimsel Bileşenleri
MJT 614-614E Theoretical perspectives in ethnomusicology
MJT 615-615E Müzik Terapi Yöntemleri
MJT 616-616E Fieldwork and Lab
MJT 618-618E Abdulkadir Meragi ve Anadolu Edvar Geleneği
MJT DRT-DRT-E Tez Çalışması

Executive Board

Prof. Dr. Nilgün DOĞRUSÖZ DİŞİAÇIK (Programme Coordinator)

Academic Members

Prof. Dr. Nilgün DOĞRUSÖZ DİŞİAÇIK Historical Musicology , Music Paleography , Music History , Music Sociology 
Prof. Songül KARAHASANOĞLU  Musicology/Turkish Folk Music/Ethnomusicology/Popular music
Assoc. Prof. Fatma Belma OĞUL   Systematic musicology/Ethnomusicology/Ethnochoerology
Prof. Dr. Gözde ÇOLAKOĞLU SARI  Historical musicology/Makam theory/Turkish Makam Music History/Kemence
Assoc. Prof. Atilla Coşkun TOKSOY 
 Music Pedagogy/Music History
 Asst. Prof. Eray CÖMERT  Musicology/Anatolian Music Cultures/ Aşık music
 Assoc. Prof. Ozan BAYSAL  Music Theory History/Music Cognition/Analysis Models and Music Analysis/Music Aesthetic/Popular Music
 Assoc. Prof. Gonca GİRGİN Musicology/Historical Musicology/Ethnomusicology/Ethnochoreology/Performance Studies
 San. Lect. Süleyman ŞENEL  Musicology/Turkish Folk Music/Music History/ Aşık music
 Assoc. Prof. Burcu YILDIZ  Ethnomusicology/Musicology/Popular music/Turkey Music Cultures
 Assoc. Prof. Yalçın ÇETİNKAYA  Music Philosphy/ Music Aesthetic/ Ottoman-Turkish Music History/European Music History/ Music Sociology/ Far East Indıan Music Culture/ Music Sufism/ Music and Religion
 Asst. Prof. Eray ALTINBÜKEN  Composition, Music Theory


Guest Lecturers

Prof. Ruhi AYANGİL
Prof. Dr. Ali ERGUR
Asst. Prof. Nuri UYGUN
Asst. Prof. Süleyman ERGUNER

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