The aim of the program; is to help the professionals adopt the general principles of planning, purchasing, using, evaluating, developing the advanced technology related to their profession
and educating the others in parallel with the increasing use of advanced technology in every
sector in our country and providing with managerial skills in this framework.


Management of Technology program has an interdisciplinary structure. The program is suitable
for undergraduates of Industrial and Management Engineering departments, Electronic,
Computer and related engineering departments, Economics and Management departments.
Yet undergraduates from other backgrounds are welcomed.


Majority of the graduates are employed in industrial corporations which use advanced
technology, R&D and P&D units, software companies as specialists and executives.


  • Grasping interdisciplinary interaction related to social and technical fields in undergraduate level and developing and intensifying the current knowledge in that area of Business and Technology Management
  • By means of ability to use theoretical and practical information related to the area of Business and Technology Management to combine and interpret them with information from different disciplines producing new information and solving the faced problems by related searching methods
  • By means of the ability to critically analyze knowledge, skills and also a study related to the area of Business and Technology Management that requires expertise on that area, directing and continuing independently, developing new strategies for the problems that are not foreseen and taking the responsibilities together with fulfilling the leader role, the ability to produce solutions for that problems
  • By means of the ability to promote current development and studies by supporting with qualitative and quantitative data in the area of Business and Technology Management and to use computer software together with information and communication technologies with a required level, critical analyzing, developing and altering, if required, social relationships and the norms directing these relationships, establishing written oral and visual communication with groups within one’s or different fields
  • Proficiency in a foreign language and establishing written, oral and visual communication with that language for presenting one’s studies in the international environment
  • By means of the ability to inspect the steps like gathering, interpreting, implementing and announcing related data with the area of Business and Technology Management by overseeing scientific, cultural and ethical norms, teaching these norms, developing strategy, policy and action plans in related subjects and evaluating the obtained results by making the use of quality processes, using the gathered information and solving problems and/or implementation skills in the interdisciplinary strategies

Similar Programs 

1. MIT
2. University of Pennslyvania
3. University of Illinois
4. Widener University
5. Washington State University
6. University of Maryland
7. George Mason University
8. University of New Hampshire
9. Eindhoven University (Hollanda)
10. Simon Fraser University (Kanada)
11. Norwegian University of Science & Technology (Norveç)
12. London Business School (İngiltere)

Admission Requirements
For additional information please visit the Admission Requirements website.


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1. Semester
İTY 516E Management Information Systems
İTY 522 İşletme ve Teknoloji Yönetiminde Hukuk
İTY 523 Finansal Yönetim
İTY 528S Üretim, Stok ve Satınalma Yönetimi

2. Semester
İTY 517E Araştırma-Geliştirme Yönetimi ve Yeni Ürün Geliştirme
İTY 524 Teknoloji ve Pazarlama
İTY 531E Knowledge Management

3. Semester
İTY 518 Lojistik ve Tedârik Zinciri Yönetimi
İTY 521E Management of Technology and Innovation
İTY 530E Engineering Management
İTY 599 Proje 


2. Semester (Only one course is to selected)


İTY 510 Yönetim ve Organizasyon
İTY 511E Statistics for Management and Engineering
İTY 512E Operations Research
İTY 513 İşletme Ekonomisi

2. Semester and 3. Semester


İTY 514E Technology Management for National Competitiveness
İTY 525E Customer Relations Management
İTY 526 Kurumsal Zekâ ve Veri Madenciliği
İTY 527 Yalın Yönetim
ITY 529 İşletme ve Teknoloji Yönetiminde Karar Verme
İTY 533 Tesis Planlama
İTY 536 E-Commerce
İTY 537E Sales Management
İTY 538 Stratejik Yönetim
İTY 539 Depo Tasarımı ve Yönetimi
İTY 540 Teknolojik Yakinsama ve İş Stratejisi

Academic Executive Committee

Asst. Prof.Özgür ÖZTÜRK (Program Coordinator)
Assoc. Prof. Cumhur EKİNCİ
Assoc. Prof. Başar ÖZTAYŞİ

Erasmus Coordinator

Asst. Prof. Özgür ÖZTÜRK

Academic Members

Name  Research Fields
Prof.Dr. Fatma KÜSKÜ AKDOĞAN Social and Environmental Responsibilities of Businesses, Human Resources Management, Organizational Trust
Prof.Dr. Ayşe Banu ELMADAĞ BAŞ Services Marketing, Consumer Behavior, Brand Management, Experimental Design
Prof.Dr. Özgür KAYALICA Energy Economics, Environmental Economics, Industrial Economics, Optimization
Prof.Dr. Gülgün KAYAKUTLU Decision Support Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Optimization, Energy Optimization
Prof.Dr. Tufan Vehbi KOÇ Technology and innovation management
Prof.Dr. Y. İlker TOPCU Multiple Criteria Decision Making
Prof. Dr. Şebnem BURNAZ Marketing Management, Retail Marketing Strategies, Consumer Behavior, Business Ethics, International Marketing
Doç.Dr. Murat BASKAK Production Planning and Control, Warehouse and Distribution Center Management, Stock and Inventory Management, Purchasing Management, Plant Layout, Maintenance Management
Prof. Dr. Dilay ÇELEBİ GONİDİS Supply Chain Networks, Production Systems, Service Systems, Transportation
Doç.Dr. Sezi ÇEVİK ONAR Intelligent and fuzzy techniques in engineering management, Strategic options, Innovation management, Decision making methods
Doç.Dr. Cumhur EKİNCİ Financial Markets and Institutions, Investments and Portfolio Management, Behavioral Finance
Doç.Dr. Özgür KABAK Operations Research - Mathematical Programming, Fuzzy Decision Making, Transportation research, Group Decision Making, Modeling Complex systems, Data-driven optimization
Doç.Dr. Elif KARAOSMANOĞLU Customer Experience Measurement, Consumer Behaviour Measurement in Consumer-Technology Interactions, Corporate Branding and Communication Measurement, Service Quality Measurement
Doç.Dr. Başar ÖZTAYŞİ Fuzzy Logic, Multi-Criteria Decision Making, Decision Support Systems
Doç.Dr. Deniz TUNÇALP Technology Adaptation and Innovation Management in Organizations, Organization Theory, Institutionalization
Dr.Öğr.Üyesi Şeyda SERDAR ASAN Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Operations Management
Dr.Öğr.Üyesi Ömer Faruk BEYCA Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Learning
Dr.Öğr.Üyesi Cemil CEYLAN Management Organization, Human Resources Systems, Organizational Measurement, Organizational Flexibility, Questionnaire Creation and Evaluation, Process Analysis and Development
Dr.Öğr.Üyesi Özgür ÖZTÜRK Patent Law, Intellectual Property Law, Competition Law, Technology Transfers, Commercial Law
Doç.Dr. Umut ASAN Multi criteria Decision making, Statistical analysis and applications, Operations research
Prof.Dr. Ferhan ÇEBİ application of operations research techniques for manufacturing and service problems, Production planning and control, Use of information technologies in competition
Doç.Dr. Nihan YILDIRIM Technology and Innovation Management, information systems management, Entrepreneurship
Doç.Dr. Ayberk SOYER Multi criteria decision making, Operations research
Prof. Dr. Mustafa ERGEN Financial technologies, Entrepreneurship
Doç. Dr. Altan ÇAKIR Big data technologies, Business applications



Asst. Prof. Özgür ÖZTÜRK
E-mail: ozturkozg4@itu.edu.tr
Phone.: 0-212-293 13 00 / 2036
Phone: 0-533-773 71 37
Office: A403 (İ.T.Ü. İşletme Fakültesi / Maçka)