Programme Aims

ITU Dr. Erol Ucer Centre for Advanced Studies in Music, founded as part of ITU Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences in 1999, is the first Master’s and PhD programme with a 100% English curriculum. Programme stands out especially with its international faculty and student profile. Concurrently, the Centre provides an environment for interdisciplinary research for students with varying educational backgrounds.

ITU Centre for Advanced Studies in Music (CASM) provides a Master’s programme with a contemporary curriculum that employs contemporary educational methods.

The programme aims to educate scholars, performers, sound designers, and creative professionals with leadership capabilities, advanced musicianship, and current research abilities, who can contribute to international forums and research, and lead music scholarship and new music in the information age.

Available concentration areas in the programme include: Performance, Composition, Music Theory, Sound Engineering and Design, Sonic Arts, Ethnomusicology, Musicology, and Music Business and Management.

Programme Structure

  • Programme’s education is in English.
  • Programme comprises of 30-credit courses and a credit-free final project.
  • Programme consists of four semesters, one being the academic foundation semester.
  • Students are required to enroll and succeed in at least three courses during their first semester, the academic foundation semester. All courses in the academic foundation term are credit-free.
  • Programme includes 15-credit core, and 15-credit elective courses.
  • One course is 3+0 credits.
  • Master’s level courses are listed with 500 code.

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MYL 519E Asya Müziği 
MYL 534E Opera Çalışmaları
MYL 558E Müzikal K. Yeni Akımlar
MYL 568E Şeflik Teknikleri 1 
MYL 584E Caz Armonisi 
MYL 591E 16.Yüzyıl Kontrpuanı 
MYL 592E Beste Atölyesi 
MYL 596E Film Müziği 
MYL 837E Temel Şeflik Teknikleri 
MYL 5002E Perküsyon Dünyası
MYL 5003E Şeflik Teknikleri 2
MYL 5005E Şeflik Teknikleri 3 
MYL 5007E Perküsyon T. Orkestrasyon T. 
MYL 5008E 18.yy Konturpuan 
MYL 5010E Elektronik Müzik Tarihi 
MYL 5012E Elektronik Müzik K.
MYL 5013E Ses Programlama
MYL 5014E Tarihsel Performans Pratikleri 
MYL 5015E Akustik ve Pisikoakustik 
MYL 5016E Proje Yönetimi ​​

Executive Committee

Assoc. Prof. Jerfi AJİ (Programme Coordinator)
Dr. Paul Alister WHITEHEAD
Dr. Robert Oliver BEAHRS

Erasmus Coordinator

Asst. Prof. Eray ALTINBÜKEN


Faculty Members

Prof. Dr. Cihat AŞKIN Violin
Assoc. Prof. Jerfi AJİ Piano / Music Theory
Prof. Dr. Tolgahan ÇOĞULU Guitar / Classical Guitar / Microtonal Guitar
Assoc. Prof.Taylan ÖZDEMİR Sound Engineering and Design
Asst. Prof.Gökhan DENEÇ Sound Engineering and Design
Assoc. Prof.Jülide GÜNDÜZ Flute
Prof. Dr. Can KARADOĞAN Sound Engineering and Design
Assoc. Prof. Yelda ÖZGEN ÖZTÜRK Violoncello
Assoc. Prof. Emine Şirin ÖZGÜN TANIR Ethnomusicology
Asst. Prof. Eray ALTINBÜKEN Composition /Music Theory
Dr. Paul Alister WHITEHEAD Historical Musicology
Dr. Robert Oliver BEAHRS Ethnomusicology
Dr. Konstantinos VASILAKOS Sonic Arts
Dr. Jeremy WOODRUFF Music Theory / Composition
Dr. Jane Ellen HARRISON Historical Musicology
Dr. William SUMITS Ethnomusicology
Assoc. Prof. Mehmet Cevdet EREK Sonic Arts
Asst. Prof. Emmanouil EKMEKTSOGLOU Sonic Arts / Composition
Assoc. Prof. Sıtkı Kandemir BASMACIOĞLU Piano
Amy Terese SALSGIVER Percussion

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