Art History


The program was established in 1986 by Prof. Dr. Semra Ögel, who was then the Chair of the History of Architecture department, with the help of ITU Architecture Faculty’s History of Architecture professors. It has been established with the aim of providing students with a broad perspective on art and its history.

Graduates of our program carry on their profession in notable domestic and international positions. Most graduates work as writers, art gallery specialists, and academic staff in state and private universities.


Objective of the Programme

The objective of Art History Graduate Programme is to establish a critical art history education in broad perspective with interdisciplinary approach. For this reason, the programme includes in its syllabus art history courses starting from the Ancient periods, continuing with Byzantine, Seljukian, Ottoman, Turkish Republican and modern arts. It is also aimed not only to provide the students with a historical background, but also to help them grasp theoretical approches.

The graduate programme accepts candidates who hold an undergraduate or graduate degree in art history, as well as other disciplines such as archaeology, sociology, philosophy, psychology, history, literature, journalism and communication, industrial design, law, architecture, visual and performing arts and others that can be related with art history. The programme follows the interdisciplinary approach as an educational method and encourages students to develop an analytical and critical view in order to combine their undergraduate knowledge together with the language, concepts and methods of history of art into the production of an original M.A. thesis.



  • 24 credits and a completed master’s thesis are needed to graduate
  • All courses have 3+0 credits.
  • 50% of all credits must obtained from compulsory courses.
  • In addition to 4 compulsory courses, at least 4 elective courses must be chosen.
  • 30% of the courses must be in English.
  • The program is operated according to ITU Graduate Education Directive.

Application Terms

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STR504 Research Methods in Art History
STR 525E Art History and Culture
STR588 Seminar (Non-credit)

Yapıt Çözümlemeleri
STR521 Sanat Teorileri
STR596 Seminer (Kredisiz)

STR501 Eleştirel Düşünme
STR505 Minyatürde Görsel ve Sözel İmge
Ders Katalog_Bat. Dön. Türk resmi
STR515E Creating and Representing Trends
STR 525E Art History and Culture

STR502E Philosophy of Art & Aesthetics
STR508E Contemporary Art
STR510 Sanat ve Eleştiri
STR511E Iconography in Byzantine and European Art
STR512E Westernization in Ottoman Art
STR516 Cumhuriyet Dönemi Türkiyesi'nde Görsel Sanatlar 
STR518 Tarih Araştırmaları: Geç Osmanlı Dönemi
STR520 Uzakdoğu Sanatları
STR521 Sanat Teorileri
STR524 Ortaçağ İslam Ülkelerinde Bezeme
STR526 Antik Mimarlıkta Dekorasyon
STR530 Bahçe Sanatı Tarihi

Academic Executive Committee

Prof. Dr. Zeynep KUBAN (Programme Coordinator)
Assoc. Prof. Oğuz HAŞLAKOĞLU



Erasmus Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Zeynep KUBAN

Academic Staff

Name Surname Research Field
Prof. Dr. Zeynep KUBAN Ancient Architecture / Early 20th Century Art and Architecture
Prof. Dr. Turgut SANER Ancient Architecture / 19th Century Ottoman Architecture
Assoc. Prof. Çiğdem KAYA PAZARBAŞI Product Design / Design Culture, Art and Social Context
Assoc. Prof. Oğuz HAŞLAKOĞLU Philosophy of Art / Interdisciplinary Art
Assoc. Prof. E. Belgin YETİŞKİN Sociology of art / The Sociology of Communication
Prof. Dr. Tuncay ZORLU The history of Ottoman Thought / History of Science and Technology in Ottoman / The History of Ottoman Education
Prof. Dr. Aygül AĞIR History of Architecture / Culturel Interactions Between East and West and Its Implications on Art and Architecture
Prof. Dr. Gülname TURAN Product Design / History of Design / History of Crafts
Assoc. Prof. Geoff BOVE Ancient Philosophy / Philosophy of Art / Social and Political Philosophy
Dr. Aslıhan ERKMEN BİRKANDAN Painting / History of Turkish-Islamic Arts
Assoc. Prof. V. Gül CEPHANECİGİL Late Ottoman Architecture / Early Republican Architecture / Urban History
Dr. Deniz ÇALIŞIR PENÇE 19th and 20th centuries Visual Arts / Islamic Decoration
 Assoc. Prof. Bülent ARIKAN  Regional and Temporal Focus / Field Methods  /Anthropological Theories



Prof. Dr. Evangelia ŞARLAK (Işık University)
Prof. Dr. Ahu ANTMEN (Marmara University)
Assoc. Prof. Ayşe H. KÖKSAL (Özyeğin University)
Asst. Prof. Zerrin İREN BOYNUDELİK (Yıldız Teknik University)
Dr. Miyuki AOKI GIRARDELLI (Independent Researcher)
Ali ARTUN (Art Critic)
Dr. Enis Ali YURTSEVER (Independent Researcher)


Programme Web Page: http://www.sanattarihi.itu.edu.tr/